Who Are the EL7Z UP Members?

The 2023 Mnet series Queendom Puzzle collected 26 (originally 28) idols with the objective of assembling the ultimate project group out of the top seven finalists, as decided by global voting and also the performances that the contestants gave from week to week. K-Pop Answers has a full summary of the results for every episode of Queendom Puzzle, so if you want to refresh yourself on the journey to reaching this point, we have you covered! But regardless, the finale of Queendom Puzzle on August 15, 2023 revealed the official lineup for its new project group, called EL7Z UP (formerly “EL7Z U+P”), so here we will explain who the EL7Z UP members are.

The El7Z UP Members Lineup (Ranked by Votes)

  1. Hwiseo (H1-KEY)
  2. Nana (Woo!ah!)
  3. Yuki (Purple Kiss)
  4. Kei (former Lovelyz)
  5. Yeoreum (WJSN)
  6. Yeonhee (Rocket Punch)
  7. Yeeun (former CLC)

Interim results revealed at the end of both episode 8 and episode 9 of Queendom Puzzle yielded the same seven-member EL7Z UP lineup: Nana, Hwiseo, Kei, Yeoreum, Yuki, Yeeun, and Yeonhee. Even interim results revealed at the end of episode 7 had yielded this same lineup, with one crucial difference: Jihan (Weeekly) had been chosen over Yeonhee. In the Queendom Puzzle episode 10 finale, however, the final members were not just revealed but ranked by the total number of votes they have received, in the order displayed above.

Hwiseo comes from GLG group H1-KEY, which debuted in 2022. Despite their humble origins, the four-member group rose to prominence in 2023 for their hit song “Rose Blossom.” Incidentally, Hwiseo actually joined the group in June 2022, after original member Sitala left the group.

Nana comes from NV Entertainment group Woo!ah!, which debuted in 2020. She is actually the leader of the group, so she especially is pulling double duty promoting two groups! It is important to note that this Nana, born in 2001, is a different person from former After School member Nana, who was born 1991.

who are the EL7Z UP members final lineup K-pop Nana Hwiseo Kei Yeoreum Yuki Yeeun Yeonhee U+P Queendom Puzzle ranked

Yuki comes from RBW group Purple Kiss, who began activities in 2020 and formally debuted in 2021. Purple Kiss is a “self-producing” group, meaning the members participate significantly in the music creation. As of the time of Queendom Puzzle concluding, Yuki is primarily a lyricist across the Purple Kiss discography. However, she does have a co-composer credit on the song “Hate me, Hurt me, Love me,” from the mini-album memeM. Yuki is originally from Japan, so of the EL7Z UP members lineup, she is the one international member.

Kei was the main vocalist of Woollim Entertainment group Lovelyz, who disbanded in November 2021. The group had debuted in 2014 and garnered a significant fandom over its lifetime. As of the time of Queendom Puzzle ending and the EL7Z UP members lineup being finalized, Kei is signed to A2Z Entertainment, the label of CSR.

Yeoreum comes from Starship Entertainment group WJSN, also known as Cosmic Girls. WJSN debuted back in 2016, and incidentally, the group had previously won the 2022 Mnet series Queendom 2, which had a different format from this show. Nonetheless, Yeoreum is uniquely a two-time Queendom winner!

Yeonhee is the leader of Woollim Entertainment group Rocket Punch, which debuted in 2019. The group has garnered a fandom for their “newtro” sound and bright, enticing visuals, and during the events of Queendom Puzzle, the three members of the group that did not participate in the show (Yunkyoung, Sohee, and Dahyun) recorded the song “Soda.”

Yeeun then was a rapper in Cube Entertainment group CLC, a group that had debuted in 2015 and garnered several sleeper hits like “도깨비 (Hobgoblin).” Cube unceremoniously plotted the end of CLC’s activities in 2021 and formally announced the end of the group in May 2022 (much to the ire of fans). Yeeun redebuted as a soloist with SuperBell Company in April 2023 with The Beginning.

Incidentally, EL7Z UP is being managed by WAKEONE, the same company that manages Zerobaseone, and Genie Music and Stone Music Entertainment are the group’s music distributors.

That concludes what we know about who the EL7Z UP members are in the final lineup, as decided from Queendom Puzzle. It is exciting that EL7Z UP has an album, a global tour, and a 2023 MAMA Awards performance to enjoy! These ladies deserve more time in the spotlight.

Next up, check out when EL7Z UP made their debut, how old the members currently are, or who their leader is!

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