When Did Rocket Punch Debut?

When you declare, “I want to hit the world with a Rocket Punch,” you are either starting a world war, or you are in a K-pop group. Let’s assume the latter! Rocket Punch is a K-pop girl group from Woollim Entertainment who is beloved by fans across South Korea, Japan, and around the globe. Granted, one might argue that these talented girls don’t always get all the attention they deserve, since they don’t belong to one of the largest companies, but they’ve still built up a wonderful collection of music over the years. So let’s take a look back at when exactly Juri, Yeonhee, Suyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee, and Dahyun made their debut as Rocket Punch, including their first mini-album and lead song.

Rocket Punch Debuted on August 7, 2019 with the Lead Single “BIM BAM BUM”

Rocket Punch debuted on August 7, 2019 with the mini-album Pink Punch and the lead single “빔밤붐(BIM BAM BUM).” This would be the first of several mini-albums to be named using a formula of “[Color] + Punch.” Pink Punch included six songs in total, which are as follows: “PINK PUNCH,” “빔밤붐 (BIM BAM BUM),” “Love Is Over,” “Lucid Dream,” “Favorite (특이점),” and “선을 넘어 (Do something).” “PINK PUNCH” and “빔밤붐 (BIM BAM BUM)” were notably composed and arranged by Iggy and Youngbae, a duo known for several hits, especially GFriend songs like “오늘부터 우리는 (Me Gustas Tu),” “시간을 달려서 (Rough),” and “너 그리고 나 (NAVILLERA).”

The “빔밤붐 (BIM BAM BUM)” music video was released on the day of the group’s debut. Likewise, on the day of their debut, Rocket Punch held a debut showcase, where they performed “빔밤붐 (BIM BAM BUM)” and “Lucid Dream.” During that event, there was an unusual episode where a reporter tried to ask Juri, a member from Japan, about then-trade disputes between South Korea and Japan, but the event host wisely rejected the question and asked that questions stay on topic to the music.

Besides their showcase, Rocket Punch performed for the first time on August 8, 2019 on M Countdown with “빔밤붐 (BIM BAM BUM)” and an abbreviated version of “Love Is Over.”

After Rocket Punch debuted, their official YouTube channel released some videos chronicling their debut, so fans could get to know them better.

But in summary, Rocket Punch made their debut on August 7, 2019 with mini-album Pink Punch and lead single “빔밤붐(BIM BAM BUM).” They have released several more great albums and music in the times since, such as songs like “Bouncy,” “Ring Ring,” and “Flash.”

For more about the group, check out how old the Rocket Punch members are both right now and at debut, (Dahyun was pretty young!) or refresh yourself on who the leader of Rocket Punch is. Or if you would just like to enjoy something random, check out our full summary of the 2023 series Queendom Puzzle, which prominently featured Juri, Yeonhee, and Suyun as contestants.

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