Who Is the Leader of Seventeen?

Together, the members of K-pop boy group Seventeen can basically do anything. With their diverse skill sets — and the fact that there are 13 members — anything is possible. And somewhat uniquely for a K-pop group, the group has three designated subunits, each with its own leader and talent of focus. So among S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino, here is the answer to who the leader of Seventeen is, along with who the three leaders of the Hip Hop, Vocal, and Performance Teams are respectively.

S.Coups Is the Leader of Seventeen and the Hip Hop Team Leader

To begin with, S.Coups is the overall leader of Seventeen, and he is also the leader of the Hip Hop Team, which further includes Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon. The thoughtfulness of S.Coups as a leader has been well documented, but at the same time, being leader comes with a great deal of stress. He took a hiatus in November 2019 due to anxiety he had been carrying, and in episode 3 of Seventeen: Hit the Road from May 2020, S.Coups opened up about his anxiety.

“I was always anxious for some reason,” he said. “But that anxiety was replaced by happiness when I got up on stage. However, as that anxiety increased, I felt more uneasy and scared. It’s continued for a long time, longer than you would think.” He would feel guilt and frustration about not being on stage with his members and seeing the fans, but ultimately, he would find the clarity of mind and the confidence to return to the stage.

S.coups is the leader of Seventeen and Hip Hop Team leader for Pledis Entertainment K-pop boy group
S.Coups is the group leader and the Hip Hop Team leader.

Woozi Is the Vocal Team Leader, and Hoshi Is the Performance Team Leader

Next, Woozi is the leader of the Vocal Team. However, it turns out he is so talented that he was not actually even part of the Vocal Team originally! In Seventeen’s Dawn Is Hotter Than Day episode 1 from September 2021, it was discussed that Woozi had originally been part of the Performance Team, and their company was ambivalent about what to do with him because of his diverse skills. Woozi said the company actually set him aside as a trainee to ask him directly what team he would like to be on, to which he responded meekly that he was unsure, due to his young age and feeling that he was not in a position to so explicitly express his wishes. However, Vocal Team fits Woozi well, and fellow members Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, and Seungkwan greatly appreciate his leadership. In the same aforementioned episode, DK declared that Woozi is an “amazing leader.”

Finally, Hoshi is the leader of the Performance Team in Seventeen. True to that title, he is also a talented choreographer and great at keeping a crowd energized and entertained. The stage name “Hoshi” (His real name is Kwon Soonyoung.) means “star” in Japanese but also is an abbreviation of “horangi-ui siseon,” or “tiger’s gaze.” It fits him well. Hoshi leads fellow members Jun, The8, and Dino.

Seventeen team leaders - S.coups - Hip Hop Team, Woozi - Vocal Team, Hoshi - Performance Team
From left to right: S.Coups, Woozi, and Hoshi

So in summary, S.Coups is the leader of Seventeen and the leader of the Hip Hop Team subunit, while Woozi is the leader of the Vocal Team and Hoshi is the leader of the Performance Team. That’s a lot of guidance to keep the Pledis Entertainment boy group on track! For more, check out how old the Seventeen members are or when it was that Seventeen originally debuted (and maybe potentially saved its company).

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