Who Is the Leader of Viviz?

When GFriend abruptly disbanded at Source Music in May 2021, fans were devastated. However, when former GFriend members Eunha, SinB, and Umji reunited at BPM Entertainment to debut as Viviz in February 2022, fans were elated. It was an opportunity to see at least some of the beloved members promoting together again, but now with a distinct new color. Viviz represented a new start for its members in general — but not necessarily in every way. With that in mind, among Eunha, SinB, and Umji, here is the surprising answer to who the leader of Viviz is.

Viviz Has No Leader, Officially

Viviz has no leader among the three members. However, spiritually, one might say that Sowon is actually their leader! In an episode of SCAN VIVIZ, a YouTube series in which the Viviz members reflected upon their careers and celebrated their fresh start shortly after the group’s debut, SinB discussed their thoughts on having a leader: “We said to each other that Sowon is our only leader. ‘It’s alright. We won’t have another leader.’ We didn’t choose a new leader.”

Sowon was of course the leader of GFriend, and in that same episode of SCAN VIVIZ, SinB voiced her belief that GFriend will perform together again someday. So in that sense, it makes sense to continue thinking of Sowon as their leader, at least unofficially. Sowon has indeed continued to support the former GFriend members in their various activities, including surprising Yuju with flowers during the end of promotions for her second mini album, O. (Sowon hadn’t been able to obtain the phone number for Yuju’s manager to arrange this surprise, so Sowon had to ask the GFriend fans for it, who somehow did obtain the manager’s number!)

In any case, having no leader is rare for a K-pop group, but there are a few such instances. A couple notable examples include KARD and NewJeans. However, Viviz feels like a special case compared to those groups, since Viviz is a continuation of something that previously existed.

So, the official answer to who the leader of Viviz is is that there is no leader — but some might say that it is Sowon! For more about these beloved girls, check out how old the GFriend and Viviz members are, or check out our complete archive of all of the Viviz music videos. Or for another group that is carrying on some of that GFriend spirit (and carries the SinB seal of approval!), check out how old the CSR members are.

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