When Did Viviz Debut?

It was a dramatic shock to fans when Source Music announced the disbanding of GFriend back in May 2021, especially because the group was still successful and seemingly thriving. Fortunately, the individual members of GFriend have carried on in the entertainment industry in various capacities. Yuju has become a soloist, for instance, while Sowon is pursuing acting and Yerin is doing a little of everything. However, it was a dream come true when Eunha, SinB, and Umji announced that they would be reuniting for a new group, Viviz, at BPM Entertainment. If you want to know when exactly did Viviz debut and with what song, here is the full answer.

Viviz Debuted on February 9, 2022 with the Song “Bop Bop!”

Eunha, SinB, and Umji made their redebut as Viviz on February 9, 2022 with the lead single “Bop Bop!” on the mini-album Beam of Prism. The album contained seven tracks in total, which were as follows: “Intro,” “Bop Bop!,” “Fiesta,” “Tweet Tweet,” “Lemonade,” “Love You Like,” and “Mirror.” It is evident that GFriend fans (“Buddy,” as the GFriend fandom is known) were enthusiastic to support the debut, because Viviz won its first music show, Show Champion, exactly seven days from debut on February 16, 2022. This meant that Viviz had tied with IVE for the fastest time to a music show win since debut at that time.

Meanwhile, on February 10, 2022 in South Korea, Viviz had performed its first stage on M Countdown with “Bop Bop!” The song and its performance allow Eunha, SinB, and Umji to each shine individually, while still carrying a bit of that GFriend spirit and energy. Many fans agree it was a good song to reintroduce the girls to the world of K-pop, and in subsequent music releases since then, Viviz has more clearly distinguished itself visually and musically from GFriend. Meanwhile, the Viviz fandom is called “Na.V,” which sounds similar to the Korean word for “butterfly.”

At any rate, now you know the full answer as to when Viviz debuted and with what song and album! Next up, check out how old both the Viviz and former GFriend members are. Or check out the unusually complex answer to who the leader of Viviz is.

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