Who Is the Leader of Fifty Fifty?

Fifty Fifty is a wonderful Cinderella story of the K-pop world. The girl group was created at the small company ATTRAKT and debuted to small impact in South Korea but strong interest internationally. Then their follow-up single, “Cupid,” unexpectedly exploded in international popularity, and the rest is (Billboard Hot 100) history. If you are new to Fifty Fifty though, you might be wondering who the leader of the group is, as well as the members’ positions in general, so here is the full answer.

The Leader of Fifty Fifty Is Saena

Yes, Saena is the leader of the group, but she is actually not the oldest member. Among the members, Keena is the oldest member of Fifty Fifty, with Saena being about two years younger. However, Keena explained that, being more of a free spirit, she was not especially interested in leading. Saena believes that ATTRAKT noticed Saena’s planning and organizational skills, as well as her willingness to “nag” the other members when necessary, and is the reason why she was selected to be leader. Indeed, she is the self-described “mom” of Fifty Fifty, and a nurturing nature can be important in a leader. Additionally, Saena had some industry experience prior to debut, having participated in the variety show Dancing High under her birth name, Jeong Sehyeon, back in 2018. (For further information about that, check out our archive of Fifty Fifty member predebut photos and videos.)

Saena is the leader of Fifty Fifty ATTRAKT K-pop girl group
Saena is the leader.

Next up, here are all of the official positions for the members of Fifty Fifty:

  • Saena is leader, main dancer, and sub rapper.
  • Keena is main rapper and sub vocal.
  • Sio is main vocal and lead dancer.
  • Aran is lead vocal and lead rapper.

In truth, their roles often overlap in their music because the members are multitalented. However, episode 4 of their “FIFTY COMPANY Workshop” series of YouTube videos offers a delightful showcase of each member’s main talents, from singing to dancing to rapping. Additionally, Saena is known to offer guidance on dance choreography to the other members, in addition to occasionally participating in crafting choreography herself.

So, it is clear that Fifty Fifty is a highly talented group, and that’s without even talking about how fluent in English they are! But to summarize, Saena is the answer to who the leader of Fifty Fifty is, and now you know what all of the official member positions are as well. However, there are many more fun Fifty Fifty facts and trivia where that came from, so check out our comprehensive list of those as well.

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