When Did Fifty Fifty Debut?

K-pop group Fifty Fifty began with the humblest of origins. The group was created by the small company ATTRAKT, and at the time of the group’s debut, the company was so small that company co-head Jeon Hong-joon would later reveal in an interview that he had to sell his car and eat cheap meals in order to afford the group’s production costs. Thankfully, things have improved considerably since then, with Fifty Fifty becoming only the fifth K-pop girl group to reach the Billboard Hot 100 and the sixth K-pop group overall. But if you are wondering when exactly did Fifty Fifty debut and with what song, here is the full answer.

Fifty Fifty Officially Debuted on November 18, 2022 with the Song “Higher”

We say “officially” because Fifty Fifty actually released a predebut MV, “Lovin’ Me,” four days earlier on November 14. They also released a performance video for another song, “Log in,” on November 15. Then on November 17, ATTRAKT released a cute video entitled “FIFTY COMPANY – Job Interview Gone Wild,” where Fifty Fifty members Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran introduced themselves and pretended to be applying for jobs at the fictional “FIFTY Company.” However, November 18 is the day that lead single “Higher” was released, alongside their debut EP, The Fifty. The Fifty contains four songs in total: “Tell Me,” “Lovin’ Me,” “Higher,” and “Log in.”

The group then made their debut performance on November 22, 2022 on The Show with “Higher.” Fifty Fifty did not see particularly pronounced success in South Korea with the release of The Fifty, but they received praise internationally, being included by the Grammys in a list of “10 K-Pop Rookies to Watch in 2023,” alongside the likes of IVE and NewJeans.

So to summarize, Fifty Fifty made their debut on the date of November 18, 2022, with the EP The Fifty and the MV song, “Higher.” Videos for “Lovin’ Me” and “Log in” were released in advance of that date though.

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