Who Is the Leader of Xodiac?

A name like Xodiac can conjure to mind a collection of mythical beasts, like maybe it’s the premise of a comic book. Instead, they’re the K-pop boy group from One Cool Jacso, which is just as good! And while the members of the group do not have magical powers (as far as we know), they do have a powerful effect on their X-Bliss fandom. In turn, there is one member of Xodiac who has a strong effect on the rest of the group. So among Hyunsik, Zayyan, Lex, Beomsoo, Wain, Gyumin, Sing, Davin, and Leo, here is the full answer to who the leader of Xodiac is.

The Leader of Xodiac Is Lex

Lex is the leader. He is one of the six Korean members of the group, but he is only the third oldest member of Xodiac overall. Lex was originally a dancer, but after an opportunity to be part of a K-pop stage, his interest shifted more specifically toward K-pop. Prior to Xodiac, he was known to the public for competing in the 2021 SBS survival competition, LOUD, under his original name, Zo Doohyun (์กฐ๋‘ํ˜„). He was eliminated late into the series, but that of course proved to be auspicious in the long term.

Lex ultimately joined One Cool Jacso sometime in the early months of 2022, and he was the second member of Xodiac to join the company, after Sing. For those wondering, Davin and Leo joined after Lex. Gyumin, Beomsoo, and Hyunsik joined after that, followed by Wain, and Zayyan finally joined the company sometime around September 2022. (This information is derived from Xodiac’s July 11, 2023 appearance on Arirang’s After School Club.) Regardless, Lex was always the leader of Xodiac, even in the group’s original six-member incarnation from predebut.

Outside of Xodiac, Lex has demonstrated acting ability. Between September and October 2023, Lex notably co-starred in a five-episode web drama, Mokkoji Kitchen 2023, for Mokkoji Korea.

Lex is the leader of Xodiac K-pop OCJ One Cool Jacso
Lex is the leader.

In summary, Lex is the leader of Xodiac, and he is also a dancer and an actor. One could say Lex is a triple threat! For more about the group, check out how old the Xodiac members currently are and when they originally debuted.

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