When Did CSR Debut?

Source Music K-pop girl group GFriend blazed a path to success with their “power innocence” concept, and A2Z Entertainment girl group CSR has continued that spirit. CSR stands for “Cheotsarang” (첫사랑), meaning “First Love,” and they do indeed combine youth with inner strength for something classic and charming. In fact, as part of the group’s core identity, everyone in the group debuted at the Korean age of 17, making them utterly unique. So here is the full answer to when Geumhee, Sihyeon, Seoyeon, Yuna, Duna, Sua, and Yeham made their debut as CSR.

CSR Debuted on July 27, 2022 with Sequence : 7272 and “첫사랑 (Pop? Pop!)”

CSR made their debut on July 27, 2022, and the online release of first mini-album Sequence : 7272 and its lead song, “첫사랑 (Pop? Pop!),” occurred on July 28, 2022. Pronouncing “7272” in Korean is similar (but not identical) to the Korean term “찌릿찌릿,” meaning a tingling, so the album title seems to be referencing the tingling feeling of falling in love. Sequence : 7272 contains five songs in total, which are as follows: “열일곱 (72.72Hz),” “첫사랑 (Pop? Pop!),” “비밀이야 (Manito),” “지금 너에게 보내 (Toi Et Moi),” and “으랏차 (Euratcha!).”

On the day of their debut, the group held a debut showcase, where they performed “첫사랑 (Pop? Pop!)” and “으랏차 (Euratcha!).” One day later, on July 28, 2022, CSR performed on a music show for the first time with “첫사랑 (Pop? Pop!)” on M Countdown. Instantly, CSR received praise from fans for continuing the sound of groups like GFriend and Woollim Entertainment girl group Lovelyz, both of whom had disbanded or gone on hiatus by the time CSR debuted.

Prior to debut, the group’s social media channels and fan cafe had begun posting on July 8, 2022. However, the YouTube channel that would become the official home of all things CSR notably predated this by more than a year. The very first video on the CSR YouTube channel is dated February 18, 2021, and it is a “CSR_LOG” about Seoyeon applying her makeup to Duna! Sporadic “CSR_LOG” videos would continue all the way up until debut in 2022, each showcasing the members’ personalities in unique ways, and the channel would continue to publish occasional “CSR_LOG” videos following the group’s debut.

It is not easy to succeed as a K-pop group from a small company, but CSR would ultimately beat the odds when they won their first music show, Music Bank, on December 2, 2022, with first comeback song “러브티콘 (♡TiCON).”

In summary, CSR made their official debut on July 27, 2022, but the online release of Sequence : 7272 and the “첫사랑 (Pop? Pop!)” music video arrived one day later. They have garnered a passionate fandom among people who like the simpler, lighter times in K-pop. For more about the group, check out how old the CSR members currently are.

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