Zerobaseone Returns with ‘Yura Yura’ MV, First Japanese Single

The massively popular WAKEONE project boy group, Zerobaseone (ZB1), has come back yet again — but this time with the music video for their first Japanese single, “Yura Yura.” The video takes the members back to school, as well as to a love-themed store and a pink, flowery void (all very common hangouts for a K-pop MV). Likewise, Zerobaseone doesn’t miss a beat in the transition to Japanese, maintaining the breezy, infectious melody heard in most of their Korean songs to date. The Zerose fandom would do well not to sleep on this big Japanese debut. Check it out below.

Watch the Japanese Zerobaseone MV for “Yura Yura”

Typically in K-pop, a music video will be released simultaneously with the corresponding album itself. However, things are different in Japan (and, often, the United States, for that matter). In Japan, a music video will usually be released weeks in advance of the album that the song comes from, which is also true here. Yura Yura -Flower of Fate-, the Zerobaseone single album containing the titular “Yura Yura,” will be released in Japan on March 20, 2024, roughly two weeks from now. The single album will contain three songs in total, and it is available to preorder from various online retailers, such as CDJapan. It will very likely land at US Amazon eventually, but it is not there quite yet.

ZB1 originally debuted back in July 2023, with Youth in the Shade and “In Bloom.” Youth in the Shade sold 1,240,700 copies on its first day of release, breaking the record for highest first-day and first-week sales of any debut K-pop album. Follow-up mini-album Melting Point then sold 1,458,089 copies on its first day of availability in November 2023, demonstrating that the group has incredible legs.

Tell us what you think of Zerobaseone’s Japanese debut with “Yura Yura”! Then if you want to watch more ZB1 MVs, check out our archive of all the Zerobaseone music videos. We can also help refresh you on all the members’ ages.

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