Who Is the Leader of Loossemble?

To put an odd twist on an old phrase: When one rocket ship is decommissioned, another rocket ship is launched. Such was the case for K-pop girl group Loossemble, created at CTDENM and comprising five members of the defunct BlockBerry Creative group, Loona. Since Loossemble was formed by a former Loona creative director, Yoon Doyeon, some iconography transferred over to the new group, including a space theme. There is even a “crew commander” of the group, which in this case is a fancy term for “leader.” So among Vivi, Hyunjin, Gowon, Hyeju (formerly Olivia Hye), and Yeojin, here is the full answer to who the leader of Loossemble is and how this “crew commander” was selected.

Hyunjin Is the Leader of Loossemble (the Crew Commander)

Hyunjin is the leader of the group and the crew commander. However, the manner in which she was chosen was unusual by the standards of K-pop. CTDENM and Loossemble actually opened it up to the public to vote for whom they wanted as the crew commander, between August 13 and August 16, 2023 KST. Then on August 17, 2023, it was announced that Hyunjin had been “elected” as crew commander. It is quite rare for the public to be given this sort of power. Often, a K-pop group’s leader is chosen by their company, or sometimes, such as in the case of Twice, the leader is chosen by a group vote. Although, since Loossemble is a group of five women whom fans already knew well for several years, it makes slightly more sense that it was put to a public vote in this case.

Regardless, Hyunjin is a sensible choice for leader. In addition to her obvious positive qualities, she is the oldest Korean member of the group (albeit by only four days!), and Hyeju and Yeojin were the youngest members of Loona. Vivi is almost a full four years older than Hyunjin (and was the oldest member of Loona), but she originally hails from Hong Kong. Whether merely coincidental or not, it is rare that a foreign member leads a K-pop group, and sometimes — such as in the case of Sakura in Le Sserafim — a foreign member does not want to lead.

Hyunjin is the leader of Loossemble and crew commander at CTDENM, K-pop.
Hyunjin is the leader.

In summary, Hyunjin is the leader of Loossemble, where the role is referred to as “crew commander,” and it was uniquely decided by a public vote.

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