Who Is the Leader of TIOT?

The members of Redstart ENM K-pop boy group TIOT aim to catch fans’ hearts three different times: once when they were first seen on Mnet survival competition Boys Planet, again during their predebut in August 2023, and once more when they finally debut in 2024. From their visuals to their sound, they strike a slightly different note than most boy groups, which their fans love, and it’s enough to make one wonder which of these eclectic members is the leader. So among Kim Minseoung, Kum Junhyeon, Hong Keonhee, and Choi Woojin, here is what we know about who the leader of TIOT is.

TIOT Has Not Announced an Official Leader Yet

Officially, the group does not yet have a leader because Redstart ENM has not declared one. It is likely, but not guaranteed, that the group will receive an official leader closer to debut. Notably, groups like Blackpink and RIIZE have no leader, among a few others, so there is precedent for a K-pop group having no leader.

That isn’t necessarily likely to be the case with TIOT though, as they actually already addressed the question of leadership once in an @start1 interview from August 2023. The publication asked who the leader of the group was, and Keonhee explained that the position had not yet been officially decided. However, he then elaborated that, as the eldest member, Minseoung often guides and takes care of the members, and Junhyeon is also a good mood maker. In that sense, both Minseong and Junhyeon have exhibited leadership.

who is the leader of TIOT answer Kim Minseoung or Kum Junhyeon
From left to right: Kim Minseoung and Kum Junhyeon

Indeed, Minseong and Junhyeon do seem to be the most likely candidates to become the leader of TIOT, for largely the reasons outlined by Keonhee. Additionally, Junhyeon finished Boys Planet in rank 14, the highest of any member, making him effectively the most popular and well-known member of the group. It could be potentially good marketing to make him the leader of the group.

In summary, TIOT does not have an official leader yet, but Keonhee has explained why Minseong and Junhyeon are the strongest candidates for the role. This space shall be fully updated as more information becomes available. In the meantime, you can check out how old the TIOT members currently are and when they will fully debut.

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