All ALL(H)OURS Music Videos: Every Official MV

Prior to debut, the hype around Eden Entertainment K-pop boy group ALL(H)OURS centered on the fact that Eden’s founder was former JYP Entertainment vice president Cho Hae-sung. However, after debut, the hype around ALL(H)OURS quickly centered on how stable and impressive their live vocal performances are. These boys can sing! And their music videos are pretty great too. Here, we maintain an archive and list of all of the ALL(H)OURS music videos, including every official MV and links back to any performance video, “behind” content, or other related video content. This is the most convenient way to enjoy all of the music videos coming from Kunho, Youmin, Xayden, Minje, Masami, Hyunbin, and ON:N.

A List of All Official ALL(H)OURS Music Videos – Watch Every MV Right Here

1. “으랏차차 (Gotcha)” MV – January 10, 2024

ALL(H)OURS debuted on January 10, 2024 with first mini-album All Ours and its lead single, “으랏차차 (Gotcha),” the latter of which received a music video in tandem. The MV consists of the members looking cool and edgy in urban environments where things may or may not be on fire. It’s pretty par for the course for a K-pop boy group music video, but the song is solid and each of the members shines.

There is additionally an “으랏차차 (Gotcha)” performance video, an ALL(H)OURS reaction video to the MV, and a behind-the-scenes series for the song and MV.

2. “WAO WAO” Performance Music Video – February 13, 2024

About a month after debut, ALL(H)OURS released a performance music video for “WAO WAO,” another song from All Ours. It is another stellar performance from the group, as fans would expect.

That is the small and complete list of all ALL(H)OURS music videos at this time, and this archive is being updated for each new MV, performance video, or related content as it emerges from Eden Entertainment. Bookmark this page if you want to always have fast access to the latest music from Kunho, Youmin, Xayden, Minje, Masami, Hyunbin, and ON:N. For more about the group, check out how old the ALL(H)OURS members currently are and refresh yourself on who their leader is.

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