Who Is the Leader of ALL(H)OURS?

Arguably beginning in the third generation of K-pop, a trend grew of the industry deemphasizing vocals in favor of visuals and thrilling dance performances. Frankly, some companies may not actually want fans to know what some of their idols truly sound like without a backing track or vocal post-processing. However, straight from their debut, Eden Entertainment K-pop boy group ALL(H)OURS has been impressing fans with their live vocals, so let’s talk about who’s leading them. Among Kunho, Youmin, Xayden, Minje, Masami, Hyunbin, and ON:N, here is the full answer to who the leader of ALL(H)OURS is.

Kunho Is the Leader of ALL(H)OURS

Kunho is the leader. (The “Kun” in “Kunho” is pronounced with an “uh” sound, as the name is written in Korean as “건호.”) His role as leader had been referenced in offline events prior to the group’s debut, and it was officially confirmed on the day of their actual debut, at their “It’s ALL OURS!” showcase. These are early days for the group, so unfortunately, not a huge amount is known about the individual members of ALL(H)OURS as of yet. However, Kunho is the oldest member of ALL(H)OURS.

Additionally, in the introduction video for ALL(H)OURS, Kunho was introduced as holding a cigarette, as if he were planning to smoke it — but then it’s humorously revealed that he’s actually doing community service and getting rid of litter. The whole video sets a tone that the group is a bunch of cool guys who are simultaneously fun-loving and good role models. It feels very vaguely in the tone of JYP Entertainment boy groups, which is fitting, since Eden Entertainment was founded by longtime JYP executive Cho Hae-sung.

Kunho is the leader of ALL(H)OURS Allhours Eden Entertainment K-pop
Kunho is the leader.

In summary, Kunho is the leader of ALL(H)OURS, in addition to the oldest member. For more about the group, check out how old the ALL(H)OURS members currently are, the story behind when they made their debut, and our maintained archive of all of the ALL(H)OURS music videos.

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