How Old Are the X:IN Members?

K-pop becomes increasingly international in multifaceted ways, and Escrow Entertainment sought to take advantage of the “second wave of growth” in the Korean Wave with X:IN, a group consisting of both Korean and international members. X:IN (which is pronounced kind of like “Action”) underwent a lineup change early in its life, but it nonetheless features members from multiple countries. X:IN predebuted on March 12, 2023 with “Who Am I” and officially debuted on April 7, 2023, with the single “Keeping the Fire” releasing on April 11, 2023. To explain exactly how old the X:IN members are right now, here is the current age and birthday for E.sha, Nizz, Nova, Hannah, and Aria (plus birth date for former members Roa and Chi.u).

Current Age & Birthday to Explain How Old the X:IN Members Are

  • E.sha is 25 years old and was born on December 29, 1998.
  • Nizz is 23 years old and was born on June 7, 2001.
  • Nova is 21 years old and was born on October 10, 2002.
  • Hannah is 21 years old and was born on January 4, 2003.
  • Aria is 21 years old and was born on March 12, 2003.

Former member Roa was born on October 6, 1994. Former member Chi.u was born on August 16, 1998. Escrow Entertainment announced on June 7, 2023 that Chi.u had departed X:IN, and it announced on July 8, 2023 that Roa had departed the group and would be replaced by Nizz and Hannah.

At the time that X:IN debuted in April 2023, the members were the following ages: Roa was 28, Chi.u was 24, E.sha was 24, Nova was 20, and Aria was 20. When Nizz and Hannah joined in July 2023, Nizz was 22 and Hannah was 20. Roa and Chi.u departing brought down the average age of the group significantly, but even debuting at age 24, as E.sha did, is a late time to debut by the young-skewing standards of K-pop. Regardless, Aria has always been the maknae (“youngest member”) of X:IN, and E.sha is the oldest member in the current group composition, in addition to being regarded as the leader.

Nova originally hails from Russia, and Aria is originally from India. By their own explanation, Nova came to South Korea in August 2022, and Aria came in October 2022. Meanwhile, E.sha is ethnically Korean and only speaks Korean fluently, but there are claims she was born in Australia. Lastly, Nizz and Hannah are native to South Korea. Use our birth date visual aid below to learn who is who among the X:IN members and learn how old they are more conveniently:

how old are the X:IN members age birthday birth date E.sha Nizz Nova Hannah Aria Escrow Entertainment K-pop girl group international India Russia Korea

With current age, age at debut, and birthday, that is everything there is to know about how old X:IN members E.sha, Nizz, Nova, Hannah, and Aria are. They helped to kick-start a new era of international K-pop, which has gone on to includes the likes of JYP Entertainment’s VCHA and HYBE’s Katseye.

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