Who Is the Leader of X:IN?

Escrow Entertainment K-pop girl group X:IN is a true bridge between worlds, introducing international members into the familiar K-pop formula. The group turns heads by merely existing, as people immediately notice the members who are not originally from East Asia. However, when you set that aside, they’re just another group of ladies looking to create great music together, and they do have a leader to guide them forward. So among E.sha, Nizz, Nova, Hannah, and Aria, here is the full answer to who the leader of X:IN is.

The Current Leader of X:IN is E.sha

Originally, the leader of the group was actually Roa, who was not part of the group for very long. The original lineup of X:IN consisted of Roa, Chi.u, E.sha, Nizz, and Nova, and Roa was the oldest member by a margin of about four years, being 28. Having such extreme seniority over the other members made her a natural fit for the leader role. However, when Roa officially departed the group in July 2023 (only a month after Chi.u departed), Nizz and Hannah joined the group. At this time, E.sha became the oldest member of X:IN, and she took over the leadership role within the group. E.sha is one of the ethnically Korean members of X:IN.

E.sha is the leader of X:IN Escrow Entertainment K-pop
E.sha is the current leader of X:IN.

It is not clear if E.sha was officially made the leader immediately after the new members lineup was established, but Escrow Entertainment did refer to her cutely as the “soft tofu leader” of the group on her birthday in December 2023. That may be the closest thing to an official statement that has ever been made. Nonetheless, E.sha takes the lead for the group during promotions, and the READY fandom enthusiastically embraces her as the leader. Perhaps the role suits her regardless of seniority, as E.sha is known for being a very talkative member and the most extroverted in the group! It is also worth noting that, since the group’s inception, E.sha has had the “main dancer” role in the group.

In summary, E.sha is the leader of X:IN and also the main dancer, and she inherited the leader role sometime in 2023 after original member Roa left the group. For more about the group, check out how old the X:IN members currently are and when they originally debuted.

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