When Will I’LL-IT Debut?

It feels like the competition in K-pop only keeps becoming even fiercer, but since the popularity of K-pop keeps growing around the globe in turn, hopefully there is room for everyone to thrive! The JTBC reality survival series R U Next had a great deal of competition all by itself, but the result of that competition was the six-member girl group from HYBE and Belift Lab, I’LL-IT. Now, the anticipation for debut grows. So while information is currently limited to give an exact answer, here is what we know so far about when Yunah, Minju, Moka, Youngseo, Wonhee, and Iroha will debut as the K-pop group I’LL-IT.

I’LL-IT Will Reportedly Debut in Early 2024

Since R U Next concluded so recently, there is not yet an official indication of when I’LL-IT will debut, but a report from Yuanta Securities claims it will occur in early 2024. That report is alleged to have been published on September 4, 2023. A subsequent report from Kyobo Securities similarly suggested the group will debut in Q1 2024, meaning by March 2024. As more official information becomes available about the debut, this space will be fully updated to convey it. However, in the interim, there is another point of comparison to consider: Enhypen. The HYBE and Belift Lab K-pop boy group Enhypen was also created through a reality survival series, called I-Land, back in 2020.

More specifically, I-Land concluded on September 18, 2020, and Enhypen ultimately debuted on November 30, 2020. So, there was only a difference of 73 days between the time the show ended and the time the group debuted. If I’LL-IT were to follow a similar preparation period, the group could arrive as early as mid-November 2023. That would be quite a thing to be thankful for at Thanksgiving! That is highly unlikely at this point though, and 2024 seems more plausible.

Of course, there are any number of additional factors that could affect their debut date, both known and unknown. For instance, YG Entertainment’s long-anticipated BabyMonster is still planned to debut in 2023, and a desire not to compete with a group like that could have pushed back this group’s debut. Ultimately, informed speculation is all that can be done at the moment, but it is exciting to think that their debut can’t be too far away regardless.

So to summarize, HYBE K-pop group I’LL-IT does not have an official debut date yet, but reports suggest they will debut in early 2024, likely by March. For more about the group, check out how old the I’LL-IT members currently are, who the leader might potentially be, and what each member’s MBTI is.

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