When Is the Aespa Comeback?

SM Entertainment K-pop girl group Aespa has come a long way since debuting during the height of COVID in 2020. With a bit of help from their digital avatars and Nævis, they have put out a lot of great music. Granted, the MY fandom is still clamoring for a full album, but until that day, the fans will keep being grateful for whatever they can get. So here is what we know so far about when exactly Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning will make their next Aespa comeback, this time with a full-length (maybe English) studio album.

An Aespa Comeback Is Scheduled for May 2024 with a Studio Album

SM Entertainment had previously stated that an English-language Aespa studio album was scheduled for Q1 2024. However, in February 2024, SM updated this window to say that the Aespa album is scheduled for Q2 2024, meaning between April and June. Subsequent reporting indicated that Aespa will release an album in May 2024, but there is no indication of whether it is still an English album. There are no further available details about this comeback yet, but this space shall be fully updated as they become available.

Prior to the upcoming English album, Aespa came back with fourth mini-album Drama on November 10, 2023 at midnight ET / 2:00 p.m. KST. This was first announced in a Drama intro trailer on October 11, 2023 KST. Drama contains six songs in total from Aespa, and the tracklist is as follows: “Drama” (title track), “Trick or Trick,” “Don’t Blink,” “Hot Air Balloon,” “YOLO,” and “You.”

Drama is available to order in “Drama,” “Scene,” and “Giant” versions at the official Aespa store, various Korean retailers, the likes of Amazon, and even domestic stores in the US. Each version of the album has different contents, with the “Scene” version containing the least and costing less ($14.98 at the Aespa store, versus $24.98 for the other two versions). Most notably, the “Scene” version contains no photobook, while the “Drama” version apparently contains both a 48-page photobook and a 72-page photobook, among other things.

To summarize, the next Aespa comeback is scheduled for Q2 2024, and it is a full-length, English-language studio album. Check back early and often for additional details.

This page is updated and refreshed for each time that Aespa makes a comeback, so if you want to always be up to date on this beloved SM group, bookmark this page! And K-Pop Answers has much more Aespa content where that came from. For instance, you can check out our archive of all the Aespa music videos while you wait for new music. Or you can check out how old the Aespa members are, how tall they are, where they are each originally from, and who speaks English or other languages in the group!

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