Who Speaks English in NMIXX?

JYP Entertainment K-pop girl group NMIXX is commonly hailed as one of the strongest vocal groups of the fourth generation of K-pop, and their vocals are considered some of the strongest among JYP girl groups in general. The NSWER fandom grows worldwide as more and more people discover their talents, and as the international fandom swells, more people would like to know what languages NMIXX speaks. So among Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin, here is the complete answer to who speaks fluent English in NMIXX.

Lily Speaks Fluent, Native English in NMIXX

Lily Morrow was born in Australia to a Caucasian father and ethnically Korean mother, so she speaks native English in addition to Korean. In fact, in her home of Marysville, Victoria, Lily starred in a low-budget film, The Weatherman’s Umbrella, which was released in 2016. So if you would like to watch Lily speak a lot of English, that film could be your highly unorthodox solution. However, Lily also speaks a lot of English when interacting with her fans in live streams, and fans have created compilation videos of the many unexpectedly bizarre and hilarious things Lily has discussed in English during such streams. NSWERs adore Lily’s quirky personality.

Lily is the only decisively fluent English speaker in NMIXX, but Bae, Kyujin, and especially Haewon have all demonstrated some English ability at varying levels. For instance, there is actually video of Haewon reciting lengthy memorized English in elementary school. And notably, Haewon shared hosting duty at KCON 2022 in Chicago, where she spoke a great deal of English, albeit often read from cue cards. Although, in a solo live stream from January 2024, when a fan asked her to say something in English, Haewon replied (in English), “Sorry, I’m not fluent in English,” and she added, “I am going to try to study English hard.” Nonetheless, Haewon has demonstrated that she can speak basic English, and it might even be fair to say that Haewon was being slightly humble in her January 2024 interaction. After all, even being able to say, “I am going to try to study English hard,” demonstrates an appreciable understanding of basic English grammar.

Meanwhile, Bae and Kyujin have demonstrated an ability to speak English in short, enthusiastic bursts. For instance, in a Billboard interview from August 2023, Kyujin was able to convey in a few words her mild shock and horror when a baby was put on stage at one of their concerts. However, one of the longest examples of NMIXX speaking uninterrupted English is a 102.7KIISFM video interview, also from August 2023. Everyone in the group speaks English for the duration of the interview (which had been edited down in video to about 12 minutes), but the sophistication of the vocabulary and grammar used makes it extremely likely that their answers were at least partially rehearsed in advance. In fact, the way the members are looking sometimes during the interview suggests that they may have been occasionally reading from a teleprompter. Still, it certainly isn’t entirely rehearsed, and it is clear that Haewon inherently understands some of the English being spoken. And of course, Lily needs no assistance with anything.

Sullyoon and Jiwoo have not demonstrated any especially convincing English ability to date. Everyone in the group besides Lily is originally from South Korea though, so everyone naturally speaks fluent Korean in the group. There are also fans who express enthusiasm for NMIXX’s Spanish pronunciation, but there is no indication that anyone in the group is actually fluent in Spanish.

who speaks English in NMIXX complete answer Lily fluent native English Haewon basic with Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, Kyujin JYP Entertainment K-pop girl group
From left to right: Sullyoon, Lily, Jiwoo, Haewon, Kyujin, Bae. Lily speaks fluent English for NMIXX, and Haewon speaks at least basic English.

In summary, when it comes to who speaks English among the NMIXX members, Lily speaks fluent, native English, and Haewon can speak basic but not fully fluent English. Bae and Kyujin can speak English in small pieces but do not appear to be conversational.

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