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Maybe not everyone has heard of the K-pop girl group co-produced by DSP Media and Beats Entertainment, Young Posse, quite yet, but hopefully they will eventually. Any group that can rap with such conviction about their preferred snack and/or dinner food deserves an audience, especially when the music video is so much fun. Along those lines, these are early days for the group, but we wanted to get started on archiving this promising group early. So here we will maintain an archive of all of the Young Posse music videos, including every official MV, performance video, or other related content as it is released. This page is the easiest way to track the strange and unusually tasty journey of Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun.

A List of All Official Young Posse Music Videos – Watch Every MV Here

0. “OTB” Live at RBW 2023 SUMMER Fes: Over the Rainbow – July 16, 2023

Usually, K-Pop Answers does not reference unofficial live performance videos, but we are making an exception here for the unique circumstances. Prior to debut, Young Posse performed the song “OTB” at the special RBW event, RBW 2023 SUMMER Fes: Over the Rainbow, on July 16, 2023. This is the first and only public performance of the group prior to debut, making it a special case worth sharing here, via a couple fan videos.

In “‘OUR TELE – POSSE : V-LOG’ EP. 2,” released December 1, 2023, official performance and behind-the-scenes footage of this event was shared for the first time. Doeun cried with happiness after the performance, and Sunhye teared up as well, reflecting on how she had known Jieun “since she was a sixth grader” and they had come so far.

1. “Macaroni Cheese” MV – October 18, 2023

Young Posse debuted on October 18, 2023 with the mini-album Macaroni Cheese and a lead song of the same name. The “Macaroni Cheese” music video is incredibly unique and exotic. It makes heavy use of VFX for sets, like for a microwave and skydiving out of a plane, but it also uses a scale model made of genuine cheese and milk to create a “cheese cave.” The MV was directed by Grammy-nominated music video director and filmmaker Ben Proulx, who had worked with the likes of P Diddy, J. Cole, and Timbaland. After the video’s release, Proulx released his own behind-the-scenes footage and commentary on the MV, and he also released a side-by-side video of what the music video looked like before and after VFX footage was applied.

There is a video of Young Posse reacting to the “Macaroni Cheese” music video, as well as a choreography version of the MV.

*. “Macaroni Cheese” (No CG Ver.) – November 3, 2023

After Proulx had released his side-by-side video, DSP and Beats officially released a “Macaroni Cheese” (No CG Ver.). It is really impressive how much work went into the special effects for this video, and it is worth admiring what the video looks like without them!

2. “OTB” (Our Summer Memories) MV – December 5, 2023

The “OTB” (Our Summer Memories) MV is an abbreviated music video for the song “OTB” (which seems to stand for “On the Board”). The video is a combination of new footage and outtakes from their apparent summer travels in 2023.

3. “Young Posse Up (feat. Verbal Jint, NSW yoon, Token)” MV – February 3, 2024

The “Young Posse Up” music video offers a remix of the Macaroni Cheese song, “Posse Up!,” featuring Verbal Jint, NSW yoon, and Token.” The addition of these artists makes this remix about a minute longer than the original release of the song, and the MV is an audiovisual explosion of hip hop.

There is a Young Posse reaction video for the MV, a choreography video for “Young Posse Up,” and a behind-the-scenes video for the MV.

Check back soon for more music videos with the Young Posse comeback!

That is the complete list of all Young Posse music videos for now, but this archive is being updated for each time that a new MV, performance video, or other connected content comes along. Bookmark this page if you want to always have fast access to all of the Young Posse music videos, and share it with friends to grow the fandom!

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