Who Is the Leader of Young Posse?

If you love hip hop and cheese (an unusual yet still popular combination), then you probably have to love K-pop girl group Young Posse from co-producers DSP Media and Beats Entertainment. They combine youth and urban edge for something both bewildering and refreshing in K-pop, and fans are excited for what’s coming from this unique group. But new fans also want answers to basic questions, such as who the leader of the group is. So among Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun, here is the official answer to who the leader of Young Posse is.

The Leader of Young Posse Is Sunhye

Sunhye is the leader of the group, as she confirmed herself during the group’s debut showcase. In recent times, some K-pop groups have eschewed official positions altogether, like NewJeans and RIIZE, and indeed, Young Posse has some unusual group roles, such as Sunhye also being the “microwave” of the group. Nonetheless, the group does have an official leader, and it is Sunhye.

This was suspected to be the case even prior to Young Posse’s debut. First of all, Sunhye is the oldest member of Young Posse, by about five months. Sunhye was furthermore the first member to be formally “introduced” on social media. Additionally, in the hand-drawn “DEPARTURE TIME” promo image shared to Instagram, Sunhye was notably put at the front of the group, even though she doesn’t appear as such in the animated video version. That was a visual indication from DSP and Beats that Sunhye is the leader.

Lastly, when Young Posse first performed predebut at RBW 2023 SUMMER Fes: Over the Rainbow, Sunhye led the group in introductions (and goodbyes), and it was even a unique and rehearsed introduction. That too made it clear early on that she was the leader of Young Posse.

According to a short “About Sunhye” bio released in November 2023, Sunhye likes winter and the color yellow, and she enjoys alone time.

Sunhye is the leader of Young Posse, as the K-pop oldest member
Sunhye is the leader.

In summary, Sunhye is the leader of Young Posse, and she is also the microwave of the group. (It is a very unique role!) For more about the group, check out how old (or very young) the Young Posse members are, what their MBTIs are, or the story of their debut.

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