How Old Are the Nowadays Members?

There might be no better way to ensure that a group stays current than to simply name the group after current events themselves. Cube Entertainment probably realized this when it was building the K-pop boy group, Nowadays, the first new boy group at the company since Pentagon in 2016. This group consists of five mature all-rounders who each bring their own color to performances. Nowadays debuted on April 2, 2024 with single album Nowadays and “OoWee.” To learn exactly how old the Nowadays members are now, here is the current age and birthday for Hyeonbin, Yoon, Yeonwoo, Jinhyuk, and Siyun.

How Old Nowadays Members Are Explained: Current Age & Birthday

  • Hyeonbin is 21 years old and was born on August 31, 2002.
  • Yoon is 20 years old and was born on August 27, 2003.
  • Yeonwoo is 20 years old and was born on September 23, 2003.
  • Jinhyuk is 20 years old and was born on May 21, 2004.
  • Siyun is 19 years old and was born on August 24, 2004.

Everyone in Nowadays is debuting as an adult, with no one below the age of 19. That is slightly rare by the young-skewing standards of K-pop, but they are in good company with RIIZE, who also debuted in 2023 all as adults with a 19-year-old maknae. In the case of Nowadays, Siyun is the maknae, meaning he is the youngest member, while Hyeonbin is the oldest member and also the leader of Nowadays.

Notably, three members of the group share August birthdays, with one more having a birthday just a month later in September. Jinhyuk is the member with a birthday window all to himself, being born in May. Meanwhile, prior to Nowadays, Hyeonbin had been a contestant on 2019 survival competition Produce X 101 as a trainee at Source Music, the then-home of GFriend.

Use our birth date visual aid below to learn who is who among the Nowadays members and grasp how old they are a little quicker:

how old are the Nowadays members current age birthday birth date Hyeonbin Yoon Yeonwoo Jinhyuk Siyun Cube Entertainment K-pop boy group

With current age and birthday, that is everything you need to know about how old Nowadays members Hyeonbin, Yoon, Yeonwoo, Jinhyuk, and Siyun are. Fans will be sure to cheer on the group passionately throughout their journey together — because groups managed by Cube usually need all the fan support they can get!

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