When Did Everglow Debut?

Similar to a group like (G)I-dle, Yuehua Entertainment K-pop girl group Everglow pulls off the “girl crush” concept flawlessly, yet the individual members all seem like sweet and approachable people. They also happen to have strong dance skills, impressive vocals, and especially mesmerizing visuals, so it’s really no wonder that they’ve amassed such a following in their Forever fandom. It likewise goes to show why they have in the past described their concept as “sparkling chic.” So let’s take a look back at when exactly did E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren debut as Everglow, including their debut album and lead song.

Everglow Debuted on March 18, 2019 with the Lead Single “Bon Bon Chocolat”

Everglow made their debut on March 18, 2019 with the single album Arrival of Everglow and the lead single “봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat).” Arrival of Everglow contained three songs in total: “달아 (Moon),” “봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat),” and “D+1.” “달아 (Moon)” was composed by Andreas Oberg, Ludwig Lindell, Skylar Mones, and Rosanna Enér; arranged by Ludwig Lindell; and had its lyrics written by Seo Jieum and Everglow member E:U. “봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat)” was composed by Melanie Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, and Jurek Reunamäki; arranged by those latter two composers; and had lyrics written by JQ, TOMBOY, Yunsoo (윤수), and Lee Jiwon (이지원) (makeumineworks). “D+1” was composed by 72, Andrew Lane, Breezelle Fox, Geist, and Pollock; arranged by Geist and Pollock; and had lyrics written by BrotherSu.

The “봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat)” music video released on the day of debut, and famous choreographer Lia Kim created its dance. Everglow also held a debut showcase on the day of their debut, followed apparently by a fan meeting that same day (which even the MC of their debut showcase noted is unusual and exceptional timing!). At the time of debut, E:U was the leader of Everglow, but the leadership role changed in May 2021.

Besides their showcase, Everglow performed for the first time on M Countdown on March 21, 2019 with “봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat).”

Prior to debuting in Everglow, Aisha had been a trainee at JYP Entertainment for seemingly more than eight years and was reportedly a prospect to debut in the group Twice at one point. Meanwhile, Sihyeon had previously competed in the Mnet survival show Produce 101 in 2016 and then also Produce 48 in 2018, the latter of which additionally featured Yiren as a contestant. Onda had competed on the show Idol School in 2017. None of them reached the end of these shows, which is just well, since it resulted in Everglow coming into being!

So in summary, Everglow made their debut on March 18, 2019 with Arrival of Everglow and the lead single “봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat),” and they have gone on to have many successful comebacks. Although, sometimes those comebacks have been more spaced out than their fans would prefer!

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