When Will NEXZ Debut?

On July 12, 2021, JYP Entertainment and Sony Music announced Nizi Project Season 2, a competition series to create a Japanese boy group in the JYP system. However, it wasn’t until July 21, 2023 that the series finally began airing in Japan on Hulu and internationally on YouTube. Nizi Project Season 2 aired in two “Parts” of 10 episodes each — 20 episodes in total — and it concluded on December 15, 2023. The result of many months of training and competition was the seven-member JYP boy group NEXZ, pronounced like “Next G” and meaning “Next Z(G)eneration,” because they would “lead JYP into the future with new generations.” So here is everything we know so far about when Yu, Tomoya, Haru, Ken, Seita, Yuhi, and Yuki will debut as NEXZ at JYP Entertainment.

NEXZ Is Projected to Debut in Q1 or Q2 2024

JYP Entertainment has not yet officially announced a debut date for the group. As more concrete information becomes available, this space shall be fully updated. At present, all we have from NEXZ is the prerelease song “Miracle,” which was released in both Japanese and Korean on December 18, 2023 JST. NEXZ also had its first televised series, MiracleZ, airing in Japan beginning on January 12, 2024. In the interim though, we do have other compelling sources of information to consider. Firstly, a report from Daishin Securities Research Center, dated to December 2, 2023, and additional data from Yuanta Securities, reportedly dated January 11, 2024, project that NEXZ will debut in Q1 2024, meaning between January and March 2024. Meanwhile, Data from DAOL Investment & Securities, seemingly dated to the beginning of February 2024, projects a Q2 2024 debut. Of course, it is important to note that projections can be incorrect and that plans can change. Indeed, history suggests that Q2 2024 might be a more likely debut date.

It is worth considering two other groups created under extremely similar circumstances to those of NEXZ: NiziU and VCHA. NiziU is a Japanese girl group created by the first season of Nizi Project in 2020, and VCHA is a North American girl group created by the English-language equivalent series, A2K, in 2023. Regarding NiziU, season 1 of Nizi Project concluded on June 26, 2020, and NiziU ultimately debuted on December 2, 2020 — a difference of five months and six days. Meanwhile, A2K concluded on September 21, 2023, and VCHA debuted on January 26, 2024 — a difference of four months and five days. Thus, if NEXZ were to take a similar length of time to debut, it would mean they would arrive between April and May 2024.

However, both NiziU and VCHA released a predebut song with a music video almost immediately after the conclusion of their respective competition series. By comparison, three days after the conclusion of Nizi Project Season 2, NEXZ released only a performance video for “Miracle,” but they released both Japanese and Korean versions of the video. This could imply that JYP and Sony Music are taking a different approach to building NEXZ compared to strategies for NiziU and VCHA. In turn, this could result in either a shorter or longer path to debut. There simply is not enough information to say definitively yet.

In summary, NEXZ is currently projected to debut in Q1 or Q2 2024, and if the group were to follow a trajectory similar to that of NiziU and VCHA, NEXZ could debut as late as May 2024. This space is being fully updated as more information becomes available, so check back here early and often.

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