Who Is the Leader of NEXZ?

The many contestants of the 2023 Japanese JYP Entertainment survival competition, Nizi Project Season 2, had to undergo many challenges, both physical and mental, in order to come out on top. However, there was one particular contestant that was constantly encouraging and motivating the others throughout the series, and by the show’s conclusion, it was clear that there could only ever be one leader of this boy group. So among Yu, Tomoya, Haru, Ken, Seita, Yuhi, and Yuki, here is the full answer to who the leader of NEXZ is at JYP.

The Leader of NEXZ Is Tomoya

Tomoya is the leader. He finished Nizi Project Season 2 in first place in the final individual evaluation rankings, due to his stellar singing and dancing skills throughout the series. However, that is only a small part of how and why Tomoya earned the leadership role. Rather, it was the fact that Tomoya demonstrated strong leadership throughout the entire series. In fact, when the 12 contestants of Nizi Project Season 2 were asked to vote on who should be the leader of the group, everyone unanimously voted for Tomoya (including Tomoya himself). JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park said he had never seen that happen in any of the competition shows he had ever conducted.

トモヤ Tomoya is the leader of NEXZ Japanese K-pop JYP Entertainment
Tomoya is the leader of NEXZ.

There are several examples of Tomoya’s commendable leadership throughout the series. For instance, in Part 2 Episode 2, he noticed that Ken was crying during practice, so he pulled him aside to talk to him about his problems. In Part 2 Episode 5, he laid out a plan for how to strengthen his lower-ranked teammates. In Part 2 Episode 9, J.Y. Park said that Tomoya “shone bright” as a leader, and in Part 2 Episode 10 (the finale), after Tomoya’s team had performed for the final time, Han of Stray Kids said, “The performance really showed why Tomoya is the leader.” He really seems like he was born for the role, and he is happy to embrace it. “I’m confident that I can work hard to lead everyone toward achieving big goals and dreams,” said Tomoya during the vote to choose a leader.

In summary, Tomoya is the leader of NEXZ because he was unanimously voted into the role by his group, owing to his excellent leadership throughout the series that created the group, Nizi Project Season 2. With Tomoya steering the ship, NEXZ will always have a confident path forward.

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