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Starship Entertainment K-pop girl group IVE is one of the most popular and successful groups to emerge from the fourth generation. Between great songs and two members coming in hot off the success of project group Iz*One, the group garnered instant momentum that it has never lost since. If you’re newer to the DIVE fandom though, you might appreciate the convenience of having all the IVE music videos lined up in one place — so that is what we have done here for you! Here, we maintain a current archive and list of all of the IVE music videos, including every official MV, promotional song, and links to related special performance videos. Please share this page around if you want to easily introduce new fans to Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo!

The List of All Official IVE Music Videos – Watch Every MV Right Here

0. “Have What We Want” Film – November 12, 2021

“Have What We Want” isn’t really a music video so much as it is an introduction film to the members of IVE, prior to their official debut on December 1, 2021. Nonetheless, so much budget went into creating the stylish film that it is worth including here.

In May 2023, a shorter, “Minive” version of “Have What We Want” was released, animated in 3D.

1. “Eleven” MV – December 1, 2021

Eleven” is the debut music video from IVE, coinciding with the release of the single album Eleven, which also featured the B-side song “Take It.” “Eleven” was a terrific success, and the video has a hint of potentially Middle Eastern or Indian flair. Two weeks after the release of the initial music video, an “extra cut” MV for the song was released. The following month, another original performance video was released specially for Amazon.

There is a video of the IVE members reacting to the “Eleven” MV, as well as behind-the-scenes videos for filming the MV.

2. “Love Dive” MV – April 5, 2022

The first IVE comeback was their second single album, Love Dive, featuring “Love Dive” and B-side “Royal.” “Love Dive” was a monstrous hit for the group, eventually winning Song of the Year at the MAMA Awards for 2022. (In that region of the world, this is akin to winning a top Grammy.) The video itself features lavish visuals and, for the heck of it, a flying car with angelic wings.

There is video of the group reacting to the “Love Dive” music video, in addition to two separate behind-the-scenes videos for the MV. Notably, prior to releasing Love Dive, Starship released a promotion video for it entitled “Dear. Cupid,” featuring IVE music that did not actually appear on Love Dive.

After Love Dive and before After Like, Starship also released an “I’ve Summer Film,” a short, emotional film with IVE basking in the summer.

3. “After Like” MV – July 31, 2022

IVE released yet another single album with After Like, containing the title track and B-side “My Satisfaction.” “After Like” is a pulsing, infectious song that never stops, just driving its melody forward from start to finish. The song has hundreds of millions of views, yet compared to some other songs in the IVE discography, “After Like” frankly might be a bit underrated!

There is an “OUT NOW” version of the video with apparently live vocals. There is also an IVE reaction video for the “After Like” music video, as well as two separate “After Like” MV behind-the-scenes videos.

*. “Eleven” MV Japanese Version – September 18, 2022

Over nine months after the original, Korean release of “Eleven,” IVE released a music video for a Japanese version. This version appeared on the Japanese single album Eleven, which also featured the B-side track “Queen of Hearts.”

4. “Kitsch” MV – March 27, 2023

Kitsch” is a prerelease song for the first full IVE album, I’ve IVE, which would be released the following month. The video has a bold energy, and the song has a message of carefree self-expression and empowerment. It’s also just really catchy all around.

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the “Kitsch” MV and a video of IVE reacting to the music video. There are two more “behind” videos for both “Kitsch” and “I Am” together, linked below.

5. “I Am” MV – April 10, 2023

When I’ve IVE released at last on April 10, 2023, the “I Am” music video released with it as the lead song. The video has the regal, chic air that fans had come to expect at that point, complete with chandeliers and jet planes. Wonyoung jumps out of the plane with no parachute in one scene. Fortunately, she survives to appear in the rest of the video!

There are two behind-the-scenes videos for both “Kitsch” and “I Am,” plus another behind-the-scenes video for just “I Am,” and there is an IVE reaction video for the “I Am” music video.

6. “Wave” MV – May 9, 2023

Wave” is the title track from the first Japanese IVE mini-album, Wave, which would be released on May 31, 2023. The album contains another original track, “Classic,” in addition to Japanese versions of “After Like,” “Love Dive,” and “Take It.” Since IVE member Rei is from Japan, these promotions brought her back to her natural element! The “Wave” MV imagery vacillates among tennis, bright visuals, and the chic style IVE had cultivated to that point.

There isn’t a lot of extra content for “Wave,” but there is a video about IVE’s Wave promotion period.

7. “I Want” MV – July 13, 2023

“I Want” is a collaboration song between IVE and Pepsi, as is apparent from the video thumbnail. Notably, this video was released two months after NewJeans released their “Zero” MV, which was a promotion with Coca-Cola. Yes, the Cola Wars are even being fought by the most popular girl groups of fourth-generation K-pop!

There is a lengthy IVE behind-the-scenes video for the “I Want” music video.

8. “Either Way” MV – September 25, 2023

“Either Way” is the first prerelease song for the first Korean IVE mini-album, I’ve Mine, which would be released on October 13, 2023. It is a relaxed yet emotional song, and the music video uses more down-to-earth visuals than most IVE videos do.

There is an IVE reaction video for the “Either Way” MV and a behind-the-scenes video for it.

9. “Off the Record” MV – October 6, 2023

“Off the Record” is the second prerelease song for I’ve Mine, and it is another relaxing song. This one is a bit more playful though, full of warm visuals and the occasional crossbow. The video feels designed to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

There is a video of IVE reacting to the “Off the Record” music video, plus a behind-the-scenes video.

10. “Baddie” MV – October 13, 2023

“Cat humans” are taking over the world in the music video for “Baddie,” the title track on I’ve Mine, which was released simultaneously at midnight ET on October 13. Who are the “cat humans”? IVE, of course. They are back to their cool, edgy selves, albeit while occasionally wearing cat ears. There are also lots of shots of cats just being cats. This is definitely an MV for the cat lovers.

There is a video of IVE reacting to the “Baddie” MV, plus a behind-the-scenes video.

*. “소원을 빌어” (“This Wish”) MV for Wish, Korean Version (Yujin Solo) – December 21, 2023

Yujin of IVE was selected to perform the Korean version of the Disney song, “This Wish,” called “소원을 빌어,” for the Korean release of the 2023 animated film, Wish. Footage of the film is juxtaposed with Yujin singing and smiling, reminiscent of when NewJeans’s Danielle performed “Part of Your World” for the remake of The Little Mermaid.

There is a behind-the-scenes video of Yujin at the “This Wish” MV.

11. “All Night” MV – January 18, 2024 (EST)

All Night” featuring Saweetie is the first English-language IVE single. Saweetie sings, raps, and curses in English to a song with vibes that feel nostalgic for the 2010s — but that’s because this song is from the 2010s. It is a reimagining of the Icona Pop song, “All Night.” In this MV, IVE parties in an office building, which is certainly one of the lesser-considered locations to throw a K-pop party. (For those wondering, Wonyoung is the most fluent English speaker for IVE.)

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the “All Night” MV and an “All Night” performance video.

12. “해야 (HEYA)” MV – April 29, 2024

해야 (HEYA)” is the lead single of the second IVE mini-album, IVE SWITCH. It is a bouncy track, and the music video makes use of various exotic sets. At one point, it seems that the sun totally shatters, which probably isn’t cause for concern. (“해” is the Korean word for “sun.”)

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the “해야 (HEYA)” MV.

13. “Accendio” MV – May 15, 2024

Accendio” is another song from IVE SWITCH to receive a music video. This is again a bouncy, pulsating song with a memorable chorus, and the girls undergo a slightly Sailor Moon-esque transformation. All in all though, “Accendio” is just a banger.

Check back soon, as there is always another IVE comeback in the works!

That is the complete list of all IVE music videos that have been released to date, and this archive is being updated for each new MV as it is released. Bookmark this page if you want to always have fast access to every IVE video, and let us know which is your favorite so far! And for more about the group, you can check out how old the IVE members currently are or how tall they are, or you can refresh yourself on who their leader is.

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